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Wendy has been honoured by having award-winning international sales effectiveness speaker and author, Rob Hartnett, write the foreword for the book. In it he says:

I am excited to be writing the foreword for Brand Engagement, a book that has been long overdue and is sure to be well-thumbed by anyone who wants practical advice on promoting and developing their brand.

It has been brought to us by one of Australia’s true brand professionals who has impeccable credentials and runs on the board to prove it, Wendy McWilliams.

I first met Wendy while working as the Market Development Manager for Emerging Products at Hewlett-Packard (HP). Wendy had a strong understanding of HP from her days as an executive at global public relations powerhouse Hill & Knowlton and then through her own business, WMC Public Relations.

Wendy’s book, Brand Engagement, is a gold mine of information for anyone responsible for managing their brand. Keep it handy for everyday reference. You don’t have to read it from start to finish; pick the most relevant chapter for you today and start there. Make sure you also refer to the PRO Tips that are included at the end of each chapter.

I wish Wendy had written this book ten years ago; it would have been invaluable to me. Fortunately it is written now, so seize the opportunity. Read it, but more importantly, take action and put these strategies and ideas to work in your business and personal lives today!

Rob Hartnett, Managing Director, Selling Strategies International.


“As a former editor of city based magazines and current weekly newspaper and e-Zine columnist in Melbourne and the United Kingdom, my work involves dealing with Public Relations and publicity professionals on a weekly basis.

Upon meeting Wendy McWilliams at a business event I was immediately impressed by her vision and forward thinking strategies. These, along with her professional approaches, have since helped to strengthen my company brand and media profile on an international level.

Through Wendy’s modern-day insights and from those gained from her 20+ years experience in the Public Relations industry, particularly in the changing world of journalism through social media networks, the importance of engaging with people remains a core value and founding principle that places Wendy in a league of her own.

Wendy continually applies content creation and social participation in her communication strategies; and by applying the fundamental disciplines outlined in her book, you will discover Wendy has not only offered us a professional insight on ways to grow our business, but has handed us a gift to guide us along our road to success.”

Mark Richardson, Founder, Creator and Weekly Columnist of Porch Thoughts (Australia and UK).


"In today's busy and competitive business world it's great to come across a book that is easy to read, offers practical how‑to ideas, and is backed by someone with years of experience and success in the field."

Candy Tymson, Author, Professional Speaker & Communication Coach


"Wendy McWilliams' decision to share what many of us in business and public life have already learnt from her is truly outstanding and generous. Now everyone can enjoy the passion of good publicity as Wendy is joined by a talented support cast of contributors. It’s a must read for all new and existing business owners."

Greg Male, Director, Resolution Junction & Junction Wines. Former Mayor & Councillor City of Monash

Brand Engagement


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